Adventuring Within State Lines

Guest Post by Macquel from @ColoradoWithKiddos

The kids finally settled down for a nap, and I find a quick moment where I can sit down and scroll through my social media before I need to switch the laundry. As I am scrolling through my Instagram account I am bombarded with picture perfect families who are travelling with their kids in exotic lands in darling matching outfits in happy-go-lucky moments. And it inspires me.

Since having kids of my own, I have become very passionate about the idea that it is so important to give kids experiences and expose them to different environments and activities even at a young age. Their little developing brains latch on to every sense they experience, and the more experiences they can have, the more adaptable and knowledgeable and successful they can be. I know this and believe this in my bones, but I’m just regular ol’ mom without the gusto or the finances to drop everything for an excursion with my family though Switzerland.

I have created this passion within me that we can give our kids amazing experiences and opportunities within our own state lines. We can drive an extra 20 minutes to go play at a new park, or go on a hike with the kids instead of Saturday morning cartoons. With young kids it’s easy to close our circle and stay within a 10 miles radius of our home. It seems difficult to get out and adventure with tiny, needy children. But I think our kids’ senses crave diversity and truly my mama heart craves adventure as well! Social media can be a tool for inspiration and good in our lives, the key though is-- to stop scrolling… and start doing! Find a passion and do it, and bring those around you along for the ride!

Macquel Martin



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