Monday Mash-Up #1 - 2/3/2020

Updated: May 8, 2020

Welcome to the first ever Pioneers not Princesses Monday Mashup! I'll share products, places, or people to follow that have gone above and beyond. The goal is to be helpful, encouraging, and perhaps slightly amusing.

All thoughts are completely unbiased – no affiliate links here. I plan to post a mashup every two weeks, and I’d love it if you’d follow along!

1. Magnolia Home Paint Colors at Ace Hardware

Joanna Gaines has done it again. I haven’t painted anything in a while, but finally decided it was time to transform our baby blue nursery turned big girl room into something a little fresher. I frequent our local Ace Hardware and was drawn in by the Magnolia Home display on a recent visit. Seeing the color line pushed my painting motivation over the edge, which had needed a nudge for about six months now.

I love that Joanna simplified the paint process – you no longer have a swatch with five different variations of one color, many of which look similar. She streamlined your choices, and in true Joanna Gaines fashion, there isn’t a bad color in the entire line-up.

I chose Silos White. I made the GIANT mistake of not priming the darkish blue room before the first coat, and ended up painting more times than I would have liked. However, the final color turned out awesome. I love how a coat (or four) of paint can completely transform a room!

2. Frisco, Colorado – Nordic Center

I’m not much of a downhill skier, so I loved finding this gem as a winter activity alternative. Frisco is a quick drive after dropping my family off for a day on the slopes. The Nordic Center’s snowshoe track is perfect for the beginner/intermediate and absolutely beautiful. I plan to take a cross country ski lesson next time I’m there, as I hear the tracks there are wonderful for that as well.

If you’re planning on bringing the family, they have a tubing and sledding hill right next door that looks really fun. Our family will be visiting soon!

3. Bob the Plumber on YouTube

I’m not even kidding. Bob and I became besties on Saturday night after I tried to get two bathroom sinks draining again. I cleaned out the pea traps and they were still not working well. Bob to the rescue. How did people fix anything pre-Internet?!

Learning from Bob made me think I could take on a much more complex plumbing issues in the future.

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