What if you fly?

Do you have a big, loud, audacious dream burning a hole in your heart? Or even a smaller, wouldn’t it be cool if I could maybe (fill in the blank), goal that you can’t shake?

What’s holding you back? Lack of time? Motivation? Thinking that someone has already executed your idea? Fear of failure, or perhaps fear of success? Perfectionism? Self-doubt?

For me, I’ve been known to sit in inaction because the full vision wasn’t clear to me yet. Launching this website is a great example – I’ve been talking about the potential impact of this community for years. I finally understand that I don’t need to know the endgame – I just need to show up and do the work.

It’s certainly easier to take no action than to put yourself out there. But how will you know if you never try?

What if you launch the business? Train for the race? Declutter your house? Start the podcast? Set family goals? Limit screen time? Learn the thing? Get out of debt? Meet the right people? Write the book? Create the art? Go back to school?

Whatever the pursuit, think about where you might be if you start today instead of rethinking every angle for the next several months. What are you holding back on because the plan isn’t perfect, or you're convincing yourself you’re not ready for? More hours of Google will never surpass having the courage to actually begin. Even with the power of the internet, it’s a 100% guarantee that you’ll never, ever be completely ready. What if the time spent pondering whether or not to hit go was instead spent doing one small thing to launch your dream?

I’ve often reflected on a book that I read years ago that talked about the pursuit of ideas. The author wrote about her belief that ideas circled around your life for awhile, infiltrating your days. If you failed to nurture the thought, it would soon leave, looking for a more willing and motivated mind. I’ve always been curious how many potential ideas have been within my reach that left before I was “ready.”

Life is so short. We’ll never have more time. This is our time. Chase the dream!


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